Michelle Bowdler is a recipient of a 2017 Barbara Deming Memorial Award for non-fiction and will be a Fellow at Ragdale this winter.  She has been published in the New York Times and has two essays in an upcoming book entitled:  We Rise to Resist:  Voices from a New Era in Women’s Political Action (McFarland 2018) .  Her Essay: Eventually You Tell Your Kids was just published in Left Hooks Literary Journal. 

She has worked in the public health field for years on issues of addiction, violence prevention, HIV education and prevention.  She has been involved, as well, for over a decade working on social justice issues related to rape and crimes of violence.  Currently, she has the pleasure and honor of working as Executive Director of Health & Wellness at a major Northeastern University where her work involves efforts to provide excellent  sexual assault prevention and treatment for students in addition to mental health and health care.

She is married to a wonderful woman and they have two awesome children.